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摘要: 如何成为一名好老师高中满分英语作文4篇 好老师,心中要有爱,这种爱不仅是对工作的热爱,更是对学生的蚂衫颂关爱。请你就如何...


好老师,心中要有爱,这种爱不仅是对工作的热爱,更是对学生的蚂衫颂关爱。请你就如何成为一名好老师写一篇 英语 作文 吧。下面我给大家带来如何成为一名好老师高中满分英语作文,供你参阅。


How to Be a Good Teacher

Teaching is the greatest profession under the sun, because nothing is more important than education to a nation. Sometimes, it seems easy to be a teacher, but I always find it’s difficult, because only knowledge can’t make us a good teacher.

教学是天底下最伟大的职业,因为对一个国家来说没有什么比 教育 更重要。有时候成为一名教师似乎很容易,但是我总觉得很难,因为只有知识并不能让我们成为一名好老师。

As teachers, we must not only have a wide range of knowledge, but also have comprehensive skills and positive attitudes. For one thing, we must be equal to every student. Don’t judge the students by their grades and behaviors. Our duty is to educate them, not to criticize them. For another, we are no longer the candles, but the matches. We shouldn't do the presentation work all the time in class. We must give the classes to the students. For example, we should make a real atmosphere to attract the students’ interests. Since most students like doing things with their hands, we can assign them some tasks to do. Sometimes we can also do some activities with them. I believe the students will learn best when they are happy.


Sometimes, we may be troubled by some naughty students. Therefore, we must have patience. We have to lead them in the right way. However, if they don’t pay attention to us, we ought to be strict with them, until they are well-behaved.

有时,我们可能会因为一些调皮的学生而烦恼。因此,我们必须要有耐心。我们要用正确的 方法 引导他们。然而,如果他们并没有注意到我们,我们应该严格要求他们,直到他们表现良好。

These are my personal ideas. Maybe they are correct in a way, while they are not enough for us. So I will devote more diligence to my work and get more experience from teaching.

这些都是我个人的想法。在某种程度上也许他们是正确的,但是这对我们来说并不够。所以我会在工作上更加的努力,从教学中得到更多的 经验 。


A good teacher, in our minds,means that giving us all knowledge he knows absolutely, supervising studentsstrictly, teaching students by holding their hands, assigning proper homeworkto students and being kind enough to give students time to relieve pressure and so on. Of course, these are my previous ideas which show myimmaturity to a certain extent. But those ways catering to examination-orientededucation are necessary before stepping into university. With the age andexperience growing, my thoughts become mature gradually.


From the perspective of a collegestudent, it’s quite ridiculous that a college teacher still follow the teachingpatterns of middle school because of the freedom and open of university. In myhumble opinion, first of all, as a college teacher, the most basic is thatteachers should possess good professional quality and be proficient in theirteaching subjects, which means that they will not only explain the textthoroughly, but also tell students more extracurricular knowledge on the topicto broaden their horizons and make them throw light on the text deeply.Meanwhile, teachers should mobilize the enthusiasm and initiation of studentsto make the whole class lively and be good at asking questions to encouragestudents to think on their own and foster their creativity, rather than letthem learn by rote. What’s more, in university---- an academic palace, teachersshould regard students as their friends to establish good relationship betweenteachers and students, and create an equal platform for students to speak theirmind freely. This way of teaching benefits teachers as well as students.


To sum up, college is differentfrom middle school, so there is a great difference between them in teaching. Accordingly,college teachers should hold different teaching methods towards collegestudents. Only this can make a good college teacher.

总之,大学不同于高中,所以在教学中存在很大的差异。因此,高校教师应该对大学生有不同的 教学方法 。只有这样才能成为一个好的大学老师。


When I was a child,my ideal was to be a teacher. Now I am pround of I have became a teacher,however,I also have to face many difficulties. And the most crucial is that how to be a good teacher. After careful consideration ,I Hold the opinion that to be a good teacher shuold have the following condition.

Firstly,Teacher is the example of the students ,so a good teacher should make herself observe the rules that school had established.Only

you just do that ,the students would like to follow you .

The second,to be a good teacher should no only work with the brightest students,but also put their effort into helping those who have difficulty coping.

thirdly,a good teacher should koow that their job is not just to impart knowledge, they should understand that teaching is more that just instructing. Good teacher inspire in their students a love for learning through their enthusiasm and passion for their subject ,and through their own efforts to continually develop new skills and embrace new ideas in order to bring a fresh perspective to every lesson.

Above all else, a good teacher should make his every student feel that he is a winner, they have faith in their students' abilities,and believethat every child has the potential to be anything he wants to be, encourage them to dream ,and show them how to pursue those dreams.


I have been an English teacher in middle schools for several years, and I know that it is not easy to be a good teacher, because a good teacher is required to have many qualities as follows.

Firstly, a good teacher must have a good personal quality such as being patient to tolerate the students who have made some mistakes, showing enthusiasm in class, being humorous, having a quick response to the immediate emergency, being open-minded, etc. Probably, the teachers with these personal qualities will attract students and be liked by them.

Secondly, a good teacher should have the teaching faculty. In order to have this capability, a teacher should acquire enough knowledge. On the one hand, he should acquire the wide knowledge of philosophy, psychology, education (how to teach), culture, history, geography, etc. On the other hand, he must master much deeper theories in his research field. Apart from this knowledge, an English teacher should possess the necessary skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating, among which speaking is of paramount importance. In addition, a good English teacher may have the means to activate his class and give students the opportunities to practice English. Only in this way students can use English and improve their communicative competence.

Thirdly, a good teacher should have the awareness of learning. We are in an information age, and the knowledge is changing quickly. If a teacher doesn’t charge himself from time to time, his theory may be out of date, and he may not keep the pace with development of our society. At present, a teacher is required not only to know how to teach, but also to do research in his field. So, he should update his theory and know the newest one in the world.

Finally, a good teacher should have moral quality, that is to say, a good teacher should be a model and set a good example to his students and others. A good teacher will be a good citizen, for example, complying with the laws of our country and the rules of the school, offering seats on the bus, helping others, and so on. For a good teacher the most important moral is to love students and to love the course of teaching. As long as he has the innate love for his profession, he may has enormous zest for his students, and become an excellent teacher.